A clean fishing romance

When a young, pretty woman interviews for the cashier position at his tackle shop, Trevor Dawber rethinks his prayer request. Mae was NOT what he had in mind when he asked four elderly women to pray for him in hiring his first employee. She was just the kind of lure he didn’t need in his fishing store.  $2.99 on Amazon. 270 pages.

This book took me many years to write as it was my first novel. It's set in Oregon's Willamette Valley --- specifically the Molalla area - my dad's old fishing grounds. My father, Larry Schoenborn, used to have a fishing show on television "Fishing the West."  He also used to have sports stores.  My older brothers and I grew up dusting tackle boxes and working at Larry's
​I always loved to hear the fishing stories that trickled through the store and were often retold at our dinner table.​

A Wife and a River  is now available on Audible. Narrated by

 Alex Hyde-white and Bo Hudson.

A clean fishing romance
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